Hair Fall Reduction Combo For Normal Hair | Normal Hair Shampoo - 200ml | Hair Conditioner - 200ml | Anti-Oxidant Lotion 100ml

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Moisturization & Nourishment - Contains minerals and vitamins that prevent dullness and thinning of hair. Contains derivative of hydroxyethyl cellulose that improves the texture of hair and adds to the body and suppleness of hair.

This conditioner enhance softness and Shine for longer period as it contains essential oils that moisturize and make the hair softer and shinier. The vitamins in the conditional moisturize, nourish and bring shine to the hair.

Antioxidant lotion is all you need to rid yourself of any scalp allergies or irritation. Aloe Vera is a famous plant that has been used for ages for its therapeutic properties. In case of hair loss, its special ingredients like Tamarindus seed extracts is another potent agent against hair fall, soothes the scalp and takes care of the hair and provide exceptional energy and strength, from the root to the edge.

Smoothens Hair
Frizz free Hair
Promotes Hair Growth & Healthy Scalp
Neutralizing free radicals like pollution and UV
Soothes scalp for any allergy and irritations
Anti Dandruff solution
Hair Loss Reduction
Maintenance of Protein Metabolism
Fight of Oxidative Stress

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