powerful natural ingredients.
modern scientific formulation.

DHI Medical Group is a global leader in Hair Restoration from Greece, since 1970. For 50 years DHI has been working to provide its clients with healthy hair and hair loss treatment. Our range of hair care products with special Greek formula are formulated by dermatologist, using the best ingredients from the nature.

DHI Haircare Products were created for all men & women who value sustainability, science and quality in their haircare regimen. The DHI Global community is moving towards consciousness - valuing both high quality products and sustainable choices. Our unique brand vision brings together the highest quality natural ingredients and advanced Greek Formulation to make DHI Haircare Products luxurious, unique and result-driven. Our products deliver the promised results and visible difference, without any harsh chemicals.

An amalgamation of purity of nature with the power of science. Our Greek formulation balances natural ingredients with nano, bio and peptide technologies, providing the results you can experience immediately.

Dermatologically Tested to assure safe and effective products that provide incredible results day by day.

Active Ingredients and Peptides in the products are of premium quality and give great results like no other.

Premium Pharmaceutical Grade Products that repair damage hair and slow down the hair loss rate at the cellular level.

We search and source globally only the highest quality original ingredients, and never use knock-offs or substandard copies.