DHI is considered Gold Standard in hair transplant and hair loss treatments worldwide.  Many clinics and doctors in India and globally claim to provide DHI or Direct Hair Implantation hair transplants, but the ORIGINAL DHI TECHNIQUE is only available at authorized DHI clinics, which are part of the world’s largest medical group in this field, DHI Medical Group, from Greece. 

 DHI Technique is a part of the comprehensive DHI Total Care System developed by DHI Medical Group, with focus on the field of hair restoration over 50 years.  Each procedure is performed as per exhaustive documented protocols accredited with UK CQC and ISO. At DHI, only a trained certified surgeon performs the entire procedure which ensures client’s safety as per strict protocols, giving excellent result every time.  DHI is the only company in the world to have in-house training and QA academy with strict certification and quality review protocols.

 DHI uses sophisticated imported instruments for hair transplant procedure which ensure No Pain, No Scars, No Downtime. With DHI patented implanter, surgeon has perfect control over angle, depth and direction of the implanted hair that ensures 100% natural result in every procedure.

IMRB, in a Customer Satisfaction Survey, declared DHI as Number 1 in India on Customer Satisfaction. DHI is trusted and loved by all customers including celebrities from film industry, sports world, corporates etc.  We have helped more than 500,000 men and women effectively deal with hair loss.

DHI is the winner of several awards in its category which includes ‘India’s Greatest Brand, ‘The Brand of the Year 2018”, CX Excellence Award, Customer service award, CEO Magazine award etc. DHI has been awarded various certifications including being ranked No. 1 in the customer satisfaction survey for the hair restoration industry by IMRB, TUV – Austria, ACHS – Australia, and ISO.

Our clinic offers all kind of hair restoration services including Scalp, beard & eyebrow hair transplants for men and women, Micro-pigmentation & hair replacement. DHI Clinic also offers preventive treatment which includes Activa Regenera, PRP, GFC and Laser therapy.

DHI always maintains the highest level of transparency with all its customers. Our customer, can count the number of grafts and follicles which no other company in the industry allows. This ensures that the procedure is performed as promised to the client.

DHI Hair are Products are created for all men & women who value sustainability, science and quality in their haircare regimen. The DHI Global community is moving towards consciousness - valuing both high quality products and sustainable choices. Our unique brand vision brings together the highest quality natural ingredients and advanced Greek Formulation to make DHI Haircare Products luxurious, unique and result-driven. Our products deliver the promised results and visible difference, without any harsh chemicals.