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Revive Hair Care Bundle with Extra Mild Shampoo and Supplements

Revive Hair Care Bundle with Extra Mild Shampoo and Supplements

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Introducing the ultimate hair care solution for 2 months. Our bundle pack includes our nourishing shampoo, potent vitamins, and effective DHT blocker for a complete hair care regimen. Achieve healthier, fuller, and stronger hair with this expertly crafted bundle. Try it now!

Extra Mild Shampoo DHI's hair experts from Greece devised paraben-free shampoos. Our shampoo has Biotin, which stimulates keratin production in hair and increases the rate of follicle growth. The Green Coffee Bean extracts in these shampoos have antioxidants that help hair cells fight toxins to keep hair healthy and moisturized.

DHT Blocker capsules are made with Saw Palmetto, Nettle Root, Pygeum Bark, and Pumpkin Seeds; all renowned for their ability to combat hair loss and promote healthier hair growth. By combining these powerful ingredients, DHT blocker capsules work synergistically to combat the root causes of hair loss, reduce inflammation, and improve scalp health. It gives thicker & fuller hair growth and minimizes hair fall.

DHI Multivitamins are made with the combination of Biotin, Amino Acids, and Ayurvedic herbs. By combining these ingredients, our multivitamin capsules provide comprehensive support to address various hair fall issues, resulting in stronger, healthier hair and reduced shedding.

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