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DHI Laser Cap with 272 Diodes

DHI Laser Cap with 272 Diodes

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DHI Laser Cap is a complete hair loss treatment in the comfort of your home. 

It is light and flexible to ensure a good fit such that the laser diodes cover the entire scalp thoroughly. The product design allows for maximum laser light coverage without any manual movement. The product illuminates hair follicles with monochromatic red laser light at a finely tuned wavelength and intensity, using the FDA-approved LLLT treatment.

272 diodes offer superior coverage and efficiency, reaching more follicles for more comprehensive results. Its deeper penetration and optimised treatment provide consistent and uniform hair restoration across the scalp, distinguishing it from caps with fewer diodes.

DHI Laser Cap can be safely used as a standalone hair loss treatment at home. For optimal results, one may use it in combination with pharmacology products, vitamins, and regenerative treatments like PRP or before and after transplant surgeries to maintain native hair and improve graft survival.


  • 272 pure medical-grade laser diodes and no LEDs
  • 3.92 J/cm² Energy Dose
  • 650nm wavelength

How does Low-level Laser Light Therapy prevent hair loss?

Laser wave technology works on the biological effects of laser on human skin. Its principle is to make a laser of a specific wavelength penetrate into the cells under the head (hair roots and hairs), the deepest layer, to accelerate blood circulation, regulate endocrine, and improve hair quality. 

In addition to resisting shedding, it can also make hair grow again. Laser irradiation significantly improves local blood circulation.

Who is the laser cap for?

DHI Laser Cap is most effective in men and women in the early to moderate stages of hair loss and thinning. If your hair loss looks like the images below, we recommend the laser cap to you.


Use & Care

It is a truly portable device that is lightweight, economical, and environmentally friendly. You can enjoy the LLLT treatment anytime, anywhere without going to a medical clinic.

  1. Use DHI's laser cap with the charger and battery provided in the box.
  2. DHI Laser Cap works with high-intensity visible light. Do not stare directly into the laser light during the treatment, to avoid harming your eyes.
  3. Treatment time should not exceed 30 minutes in order to enhance the treatment effect unless instructed by your physician.
  4. Forbidden to use in chemicals, flammable mixture gas environment.


  • There are no side effects from its use
  • It is equipped with sensors for optimal power use.
  • It comes in a protective, high-grade case to prevent any damage
  • The laser diodes are covered with a thin protective layer to avoid excessive exposure. The diodes are sensitive and only work when in touch with human hair.
  • Don't use it in direct sunlight.


1. How often do I need to use my DHI Laser Cap?
We recommend 3 sessions per week. Each session is for 30 minutes. Otherwise, use it according to your Dermatologist's instructions.

2. Should I use my DHI Laser Cap on wet hair?
No, you should use your device only on dry hair. It is important that your scalp must be clean and free of styling products.

3. How long will I need to continue hair loss treatments with the DHI Laser Cap?
For continuous benefits, use your DHI Laser Cap as directed on an ongoing basis. If you do not use the device as recommended, there is a strong possibility that you will not see benefits or your hair loss will regress to where you were prior to using the DHI Laser Cap.

4. What is DHI Laser Cap's Warranty?

DHI Laser Cap comes with a warranty of 12 months for manufacturing defects. Warranty excludes physical damage after receiving the unit in good condition or any mishandling. Please retain the invoice to claim the warranty. The power bank is a consumable accessory with a life of 6 months. It can be easily replaced locally or through us.


The product will be shipped in 2-3 working days and will be delivered to you within the next 5-7 days, based on your location. 

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